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Azure Advent Calendar

Today is the 25th of December and it’s my turn for the awesome initiative by Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper that is the Azure Advent Calendar.

During 17 minutes, I discussed the automation on azure by giving details about the topics below:

•Common Scenarios for Automation

•ARM Templates

•Azure Automation



You will find all the full presentation and links on my Github:

Cheers 🙂

Welcome to!


I’m starting a new blogging experience to share my experience around the cloud & automation.

In this blog, i will share with you on a weekly basis content and information related to cloud subjects:

  • Move to cloud & Load Migration
  • Automation [ Redhat Ansible Tower, OO .. ]
  • Public Cloud Provider [ GCP, Azure, AWS, Oracle ]
  • Containers [ Kubernetes, Docker ]

Stay Tuned!