Cloud war is not a myth. Vendors are doing every day their best to provide the best solutions to answer their customer’s needs and to take as much as possible of the market share.

When we talk about cloud providers, most of us will think about AWS, Azure, GCP, or even Alibaba Cloud but we forget to think about a platform that as per Gartner is a “Viable Option When Evaluating Public Cloud Providers” which is OCI.

When oracle started the Cloud journey, its focus was to provide a platform designed for and dedicated to oracle solutions (DBs,…) but the focus changed to be a cloud infrastructure platform in order to compete with public cloud providers like AWS.

Oracle has provided a document on which they give the top 10 reasons to adopt their cloud.

One of these interesting arguments is the PRICE! in the following link, you will be able to understand how 8×8 or Zoom have done a huge economy on network egress cost.

In the next articles, I will start showcasing how to build your first infrastructure on OCI and how to use Terraform to automate this.

Stay Tuned! 🙂